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I’m Erika Severyns, a freelance writer who loves telling other people’s stories. With a particular affinity for music, creativity, and self-development, I craft engaging, inspiring content that remains self-aware and funny at its root. I’m here to make you feel seen and tell your story.

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“I love Erika Severyns’s way of writing. It’s craftful, funny and accurate journalism. Her interviews feel like trailers to books I really wanna read. Very happy to hang out with her and only slightly shy under her bright blue gaze, taking me in and turning me into a character that feels both exactly like me and like someone I would like to be.”

Merle Sibbel, about my interview with her for For Folk’s Sake

Music Reviews and Interviews

Yasmin Williams – Urban Driftwood

Yasmin Williams is a guitarist that does uniquely her own thing, free from tradition, geography, and time. Urban Driftwood demonstrates the true universality of musical language, making WIlliams a storyteller that makes the audience lean in to listen.

Written for Folk Radio UK

Interview | Hanging out with James Michael Rodgers

With his long hair, metal bracelets, and colourful shirts, James looks like a reincarnation of George Harrison in his ‘My Sweet Lord’ years. He’s a traveller, a hippie, and a bit of a beatnik. His first long stint abroad was when he moved to Sicily for a year and bought a €20 guitar at a flea market.

Written for For Folk’s Sake

Clever Girls: Stonewall – single review

It’s not an anthem that you yell along to while nobody is listening. It’s the anthem you listen to for a secret dash of confidence while hiding your earphones in the sleeve of your pullover in a classroom of bullying teenagers, or while sitting on the bathroom floor after a long cry.

Written for Loud Women

Blog Posts

I’m the woman you don’t know you wanna be with yet

Standing in your American Psycho-style kitcheneating pizza at 2 a.m.You’re not a touchy person, you sayand you don’t hold me like men usually doafter sexbut you talk to me and ask me questionsit seems, for now, that’s enoughneither of us came here for loveor maybe we’re both lying You don’t squeeze your tube of toothpasteinContinue reading “I’m the woman you don’t know you wanna be with yet”

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